Our Story

In 1999 Ken Vacca packed up his home in San Francisco and headed east to the Bright Lights of Las Vegas. Working for designer fashion for 25 years in sales and management, Ken took up shop in the newly opened Venetian Hotel. Fast forward a few years and Ken was meeting with a friend, prepping for a job with her company, when about halfway through the meeting, she stopped and told him that he would hate the job, but you should meet her friend Jan Gerrity. That began Ken’s new career. Ken discovered his passion for sales and design had a new home at the Gerrity Group.

His partnership with Jan Gerrity took a sad turn when she was diagnosed with ALS. While Jan and her husband Ron fought the disease Ken stepped up and drove sales and kept the doors open. After Jan passed Ken worked with Ron to close The Gerrity Group while at the same time Ron encouraged Ken to carry on Jan’s legacy and in 2009 Élan was born.

In 2015 - Ken purchased and then helped design a new Showroom. Elan moved into 6,150 of custom designed space for the next chapter on July 1, 2015.